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Magician Loch David Crane

1) Western comedy magician Bafflin' Bill Cody 2) Medieval mind reader Merlin-ye-Mage 3) Mistoffelees the Magical Cat from "Cats" 4) The Magic Santa Claus 5) patriotic Uncle Sam interactive Magic 6) costumed just for your event Performing closeup magic at your table or on the stage spotlight, Loch David Crane offers you decades of experience as an entertainer, magician, and a credentialed secondary teacher. His act will charm children, amaze adults, and entertain everyone. Act comes in 20, 30, and 45 minute segments. See his school show excerpts on You Tube: Crane can Saw the Librarian in half (the easy part) and then restore him or her to duty again (the magical part). Also performed with a Principal, a teacher, and a police officer, his school assembly program includes the magical mantra "If you read, you can succeed" . . .and then the magic happens! Crane travels to your location at $1 per mile from San Diego, with a single hotel room if over 100 miles. The half hour historical show is $150, the 45 minute Sawing in Half school assembly is $250. Partner with another school, library, or group and split the transportation fee, plus $50 off each show price (two for $400) within an hour's drive. 
Drama Description:
Grades 6-8
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