We are in the process of contacting Glenda Bonin, Storyteller until we get approval to share more details about their school assembly with a Drama message , visit their website at: http://www.storyworksgroup.com/

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What others say about Glenda Bonin, Storyteller

“As a teacher for 20+ years, I was greatly impressed with her ability to adapt to four audiences which ranged from Kindergarten through 6th grade. I watched her enthrall students and teachers with her magic, puppets and ‘yarns,’ and I knew I had made a great choice when I invited Glenda.” Jeanie Sanders, Teacher Librarian Fulton Elementary School, Chandler, AZ

“She stimulated interest and showed teachers how to use storytelling in the classroom not only to get their students interested in the content, but to provide students with much needed background knowledge so that they may effectively learn that content.” Cynthia Neuzil, Director of Curriculum and Professional Development Bullhead City Elementary School District, Bullhead, AZ