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Earth Adventure

Enter the earth at your school to learn about our amazing planet. Earth Adventure travels to schools across the country providing interactive science and geography-based programs. We have been improving and expanding geographic awareness and literacy with our programs since 1992. Earth Adventure programs complement K?12 curriculum and reinforce education standards. All programs are grade-level appropriate. Because we bring the program to your site, there is no busing and no hassle. We work with individual classes and can accommodate up to 12 classes per day. Our instructor teaches all programs and provides a content-rich, and unforgettable school assembly. Earth Adventure programs feature the Earth Balloon, a 20' diameter model of the earth. Students enter into the Earth Balloon to learn about rain forests, eco-systems, plate tectonics, geography and more. The program includes a grade level appropriate study guide with pre-program prep materials as well as post-program reinforcement activities. Visit our website ( for program details and costs as well as our year end performance ?report card?. 100% of participating teachers felt that Earth Adventure?s unique method of providing instruction created an opportunity for increased excitement and engagement by students in science and geography concepts. 763-785-7876 
Environment Description:
Grades 6-8
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