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Science of Juggling

Science of Juggling is a fun and educational program that demonstrates the science behind forces and motion in a way your students will never forget! Award winning juggler, Jeffrey Daymont, uses lots of audience participation to keep your students engaged as they learn how Newton's first law of motion applies to throwing, balancing, and spinning objects. The show has achieved high praise from teachers and principals for connecting science vocabulary to what kids experience every day on the playground. Youll get a show especially written to fit Science Content Standards and adjusted to your grade levels. An inspiring demonstration about how the brain learns will even help your students improve study skills for any subject plus a teachers study guide helps keep students learning about science after the show! 
Science Description: This school assembly encourages student to engage in science. Science helps students engage in testing ad theory that help build tangible conclusions or solve vital problems that can be life changing.
Grades K-12
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Jeff was a great teacher today. He engaged students and represented science in a fun and understandable way. Students were entertained and educated. Students were attentive. Students still talk about the show. Jeff provided a memorable event. I would have no problem recommending him to any elementary school. I took the liberty of teaching parabolas to 1st grade students two days later. It was amazing that they remembered what you had taught them. Thanks so much for coming to our school and helping them learn. Gary Comstock, Principal Midway Elementary, Menan, Idaho

This was great. it covered a chapter in our science that we don't have time to teach. The students were highly entertained and learned science at the same time. I highly recommend this assembly. It is not fancy, but educational and entertaining. I absolutely loved that all you were teaching reinforced what I taught in my third grade science classes. Shannon Griffin position: Teacher school: South Fork city: Rigby

Jeffrey tied the art of juggling to the art of science, explaining the scientific laws that govern juggling. He gave great examples that students could relate to, such as the three accelerators in driving a car. Great performance that my students loved and talked about with their parents. I loved that when something did not work you kept trying it until you got it. This goes with our Growth Mindset that we have been working on. Kathleen Egan position: Principal school: Broad Rock Middle city: Wakefield, RI
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