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Character Building

Character Building

Boxtales Theatre Company

BOXTALES Theatre Company brings myths and folktales from around the world to young audiences using masks, movement, music, and storytelling. Our shows and assemblies fire imaginations, inspire creativity, strengthen cultural pride, encourage tolerance, and engage young people in the excitement and immediacy of live performance. 
Character Building, Comedy, Dance, Drama, Learning Skills, Life Skills, Motivational, Multicultural, Puppets, Reading, Storytelling, Visual Arts, Workshops
Character Building Description: This character educational school assembly may include "The Six Pillars of Character" created by The practice of character with students can dramatically improve the ethicals decisions they make as they grow into adulthood. Our decisions shape our future. Common points are: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibly Fairness, Caring, Citizenship.
Grades K-12
Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington
References for Boxtales Theatre Company
"Part theater, part mime, part modern dance, part gymnastics, with body percussion, drumming, mask work, and puppetry thrown in for good measure, Boxtales produces some of the least categorizable performance art imaginable. " Santa Barbara Independent

BOXTALES is "…simply the best children’s program in America." — Shirley Ririe, Young Audiences of America

"This production of The Odyssey was transcendent, glowing, soaring. I was speechless: the haunting images, incredible physicality, the inventiveness of staging; when Telemachus discovered Odysseus I was as moved as anything I've seen in theatre. " — LAEZER SCHLOMKOWITZ Drama teacher and actor
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