Anti Bullying

We are in the process of contacting Brock Edwards Magic Show until we get approval to share more details about their school assembly with a Anti Bullying message , visit their website at:

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What others say about Brock Edwards Magic Show

“The teachers, staff, PTA and students of Northwood Elementary would all like to extend a huge THANK YOU to you for generously giving us a free magic show assembly! It was great fun. You did a superb job and the kids loved it. With all the state education budget cuts, it is difficult for us to give our students fun, educational assemblies like this. Thank you for your kindness and time! THANK YOU BROCK!!!!” – Northwood PTA

“I liked how Brock incorporated the message through repetition and concrete examples. Some people were doubtful that a magic show could be educational, but Brock did it and still made it fun.” – Amy Kernes, PTA – Brea Country Hills Elementary

“Outstanding! I loved the character education assembly. What a wonderful way to get the kids excited and teach them something too!” – Kristine Potter, PTA – Village View Elementary