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Wildlife Learning Center

Explore the diversity of nature and see different types of animals from around the world. Learn where each animal is found , the adaptations that allow it to survive in its specific habitat and any interesting facts about how the animal lives. Meet a lynx, a coatimundi, a 35 lb. porcupine, a fennec fox, a giant python, a giant monitor lizard, a giant tortoise, and much more. 
Animals, Environment, Science, Workshops
Animals Description: This school assembly includes education and possibly interaction with animals. Our planet inhabited with millions of beautiful animals and the more we learn about them the more we can learn about ourselves.
Grades K-12
References for Wildlife Learning Center
"...I highly recommend the Wildlife Learning Center as a place to get away, enjoy unique animals and for the adventuresome person, engage in live interactive experiences." Raji R.

"...We love coming here to teach the kids and grandkids all about wildlife and the importance of conservation." Lisa P.

"Definitely a main highlight of my trip to California! They were very knowledgeable and obviously care for their rescues here. I had a wonderful experience getting to meet some of the animals and learning their stories!" Jacob B.
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