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Anti Bullying

Anti Bullying

Larry Wirtz

This is a fun and exciting program that will give our leaders of tomorrow the tools for success and happiness today. This must have educational assembly is filled with visual object lessons, student (and teacher) involvement, and an unforgettable message of integrity, hope and courage. In addition, this multifaceted program coordinates with school priorities regarding character development and is a wonderful way of inspiring greatness from your students and staff!. This positive learning experience will have a lasting impact on everyone long after the program is over! Highlights include: Individual Influence - Critical Thinking Skills - The power of the Caring Majority - The A, B, C's of Self-Esteem - Caring over Winning - Influence - The Power of Words - The Art of Discernment - and much, much more!  
Anti Bullying, Middle Schools, Motivational
Anti Bullying Description: This program includes messages related to Anti-Bullying or Cyber Bullying during the school assembly the performers will educate your students on why bully's bully and understand how to combat against it and convince them to not take actions that would hurt themselves and save lives.
Grades K-5
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Larry is NOT your typical school assembly performer! Larry Wirtz is a nationally recognized educator and speaker who has presented exciting educational assemblies in over 10,000 schools across the United States and Canada. The programs are rooted in a solid educational and curriculum based foundation with magical and humorous highlights - NOT - a "magic show" with a splash of educational content.

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