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The Crazy Bottles and Cans Show

An engaging school assembly that uses song, humor, and audience participation to give K-6 students a comprehensive overview about why it is important to recycle. One of our experienced performers, Rebecca Lynn or Jason Luckett, takes students on a journey from the raw materials, through manufacturing, to consumer use, to consumer recycling, to shipping the redeemed materials to be used in more manufacturing. Seeing this journey makes this lesson not only easy to understand for the young students but underscores why it is critical that we recycle and not waste natural resources. 
Environment, Science
Environment Description:
Grades K-5
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“The performance was not only highly entertaining, but he was able to reach to the core of our academic standards in science.” Erwin Helmich, Principal, Nelson Elem., La Puente, Calif.

“We absolutely loved your recycling assembly! Even though the 7th and 8th graders think they’re ‘too cool’, they told me that they really enjoyed it and thought you were funny.” Mrs. Georgiana Curcio, Principal, St. Anthony School, El Segundo, Calif.

“One of the best interactive shows I’ve ever seen.” Jeff Ramirez, 2nd grade teacher, San Jose Elem., Pomona, Calif.
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Photo#1 The Crazy Bottles and Cans Show
Photo#2 The Crazy Bottles and Cans Show
Photo#3 The Crazy Bottles and Cans Show
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