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Anti Bullying

Anti Bullying

Voices for Good Choices

Citizenship, respect, responsibility, teamwork and kindness are covered in this elementary school assembly by performing duo Razzle Bam Boom. It will motivate your K-6 students to be better citizens and students by involving them onstage (and while in the audience) in fun skits. Mark and Obediah, perform a energetic show about good personal character – starring your students! 25 students will be selected throughout the production to join Mark and Obediah on stage to role-play various scenarios about respect, kindness, citizenship, and perseverance. 
Anti Bullying, Character Building, Comedy, Life Skills, Motivational, Red Ribbon Week
Anti Bullying Description: This program includes messages related to Anti-Bullying or Cyber Bullying during the school assembly the performers will educate your students on why bully's bully and understand how to combat against it and convince them to not take actions that would hurt themselves and save lives.
Grades K-5
Arizona, California
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“Mark and Obediah always bring their “A” game to Mound. The kids appreciate participating in the fun and humor of the show and the staff appreciates another voice lending assistance to character lessons in kindness, respect, perseverance, etc. We love Razzle Bam Boom!” Todd Tyner, Principal, Mound Elementary, Ventura, Calif.

“I thought the show was very entertaining as a teacher and the two actors kept the kids excited throughout the show. I know all evening my own 5 year old who attends Golden, and watched the show in kinder yesterday, kept saying out-loud to herself, "say yes to success" every time she completed that's pretty awesome hearing as a parent!!!! :)” Second Grade Teacher, Golden Elementary School, Etiwanda, Calif.

“Great performance. Funny, knowledgeable, educational, engaging” Kindergarten teacher, Plymouth Elementary, Monrovia, Calif.
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