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H2O, Where Did You Go?

This is a funny, educational elementary school assembly, which covers many water science educational standards, such as the water cycle and aquifers, the reasons for water conservation, and how students can be “water smart”. This production uses music, humor, demonstration, and audience participation to engage elementary school audiences and to motivate students to respect and conserve water. 
Comedy, Environment, Science
Comedy Description:
Grades K-5
Arizona, California, Nevada
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“A+. My students and I loved the performance. I enjoyed the music and the enthusiasm of the performers. They were entertaining and knowledgeable. I loved that they got the students involved because student involvement encourages learning. Finally, I appreciated that the presenters chose students across grade levels.” Lisa Velasquez rd grade teacher, Mar Vista Elem., Oxnard, Ca.

“I’ve been in the middle school for 22 years. We get people coming in to present and the kids start nodding off. But with your show our kids were excited. Our kids were raising their hands. Our kids wanted to be a part of what you were doing. You had them moving. You owned the audience for the entire time. And I know these kids walked away with something they are going to be able to use. When you were mentioning the aquifer (we just did a unit on the aquifer) my kids were saying, ‘We know about this, Mr. Rose!’ You guys were just amazing. I can’t recommend you any higher.” – Bob Rose, Sixth Grade Science Teacher, Bell Mountain Middle School, Menifee, Calif.

“Stellar assembly! The presenters kept the students attention the entire time. Excellent mixture of comedy, music, and learning. Thank for an outstanding assembly!!” Tim Nordstrom Principal, Village Elem., Victorville, Ca.
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