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History of Rock 'n' Roll

Razzle Bam Boom’s “History of Rock ‘n Roll” will rock your kids and teachers! This entertaining school assembly on music is appropriate for Kindergarten through sixth grade and the teachers will love it too! It is fun and funny. What a great way to start or end the year with good spirits! 
Awards/Rewards, Comedy, Music
Awards/Rewards Description: Awards School assemblies help schools reward students for academic achievement or accomplishments on a school wide basis. These school assemblies usually are super exciting.
Grades K-5
Arizona, California, Nevada
References for History of Rock 'n' Roll
“A great mix of humor and educational value. Terrifically talented performers. Would highly recommend it and would bring them back.” V.P. PTA, Peachland Elementary, Newhall

“Kids and teachers loved it. About 70% of the audience were English Language Learners but the performance and information were made very accessible and engaging for them. Great opportunity for language and vocabulary practice through music.” Martha Tureen, Glenwood Elementary, Thousand Oaks

“We have had these guys here many times before and they are just a class act (I never worry about anything when Mark and Obediah perform). They have many educational assemblies including the one we had on Friday — it was an AR reward assembly (History of Rock and Roll) and it was fantastic. The kids loved it and there was never a moment during the 45-minute assembly when the students’ attention wandered out of the room.” Jeff Sipos, principal, Grapeland Elementary, Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.
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