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Hydro Game Show

“The Hydro Game Show” uses a large rear projection video screen & projector to show huge images of water in its various motions and uses. Then teams challenge each other as fun reinforcement for what they learned. Short fun YouTube style videos will be the “commercial break about water use efficiency”. Those video segments are shown between game rounds. 
Environment, Game show, Science
Environment Description:
Grades 6-8, Grades K-5
Arizona, California, Nevada
References for Hydro Game Show
A+ The presenter was very energetic. The students were engaged the entire presentation. He used lots of student participation. The presentation was fun and funny, but also educational at the same time. – Sonia Escobar, 4th grade teacher

“The assembly was fun and engaging for the students. They were entertained and the assembly appealed to visual, kinesthetic and auditory learners! The students really enjoyed it!” Mrs. Jenkins, 3rd grade teacher, Monterey Heights Elem., Lemon Grove, Calif.

“Most presentations are done by presenters that clearly do not understand children. However this was not the case. He kept the students moving and following him. They learned a lot and enjoyed the show as did I. Great job!” Ms. Chasteene, kindergarten teacher, Balboa Elem., San Diego, Calif.
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Photo#1 Hydro Game Show
Photo#2 Hydro Game Show
Photo#3 Hydro Game Show
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