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Bee True To You

Created by Award Winning International Singer TOBI, here at Bee True To You we are on a mission to bring awareness to this on-going epidemic and Take The Sting out of Bullying once and for all by creating positive change, empowering and inspiring children through the power of music. Bee True To You is a 50 minute Pop/Rock Interactive and Curriculum Based Anti-Bullying Assembly Program. This broadway-esque program is a story about two characters who teach children the values of friendship, kindness and discovering identities through narrative and song. The show is narrated by spunky blue haired Pop Singer TOBI and programs mascot, DJ BTTY THE BEE, who lost his voice to bullying at a young age. Through music and deejaying, BTTY is able to communicate with the audience, and as an aspiring singer who understands the world of music, TOBI is able to translate what BTTY says! The program is highly interactive with confidence boosting dance parties, sing-a-long segments, memorable and catchy educational songs and life lessons acted out from real letters written by children TOBI and BTTY have visited from other schools. The program is signed with one of the Top Booking Agencies in New York, Theaterworks USA, and in 2016 TOBI was the recipient of United Nations and Meaningful Worlds International Youth Peace Award. 
Storytelling Description: This school assembly shares the importance of storytelling. Storytelling helps all of us communicate better. A good storyteller will improve social engagement and as an adult have the ability to sell themselves far easier engage customers or provide better services.
New Jersey
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