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Anti Bullying

Anti Bullying

Sue Black, Certified Bullying Prevention Trainer

You and Me - Bully Free! Sue wants to partner with you to become part of your ongoing bullying prevention efforts. Her unique program of stories, songs, drama, and more empowers those who witness bully behavior to act. Her high-energy, interactive, and educational assemblies get the whole school talking! Don't be surprised if you want to move, chant, sing, think, imagine and dream. While there are witnesses to bully behavior nearly 85% of the time, only one out of ten bystanders steps in to help. Sue encourages the students she meets to change that number in their community – she challenges them to be the school where 10 out of 10 students step in to help the targeted student. Sue’s program is designed to raise awareness, shape attitudes, change behaviors, create memorable learning, and communicate a shared vocabulary. 
Anti Bullying, Health & Wellness, Motivational
Anti Bullying Description: This program includes messages related to Anti-Bullying or Cyber Bullying during the school assembly the performers will educate your students on why bully's bully and understand how to combat against it and convince them to not take actions that would hurt themselves and save lives.
Grades K-5, Pre-K School
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"We're still receiving positive feedback about the assembly. We truly thank you for providing our students with the much-needed information pertaining to bullying behavior. Your manner of presenting / relaying the information was done in such a unique form, so much that you had such a captive audience." Assistant Principal

“The right story, told at the right time, by the right person. Thank you!” 4th Grade Teacher

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