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Middle Schools

Middle Schools

A Musical about Writing

A perfect fit with our writing curriculum" Our students were so inspired they could not wait to get back to their classrooms to start their writing projects. "Your performance helped my students make an important connection to what we do in the classroom in a way I can only hope to achieve. A musical comedy quest for quality writing skills integrating: Common Core Standards for English Language Arts The wizard Merlin begins our tale just after young Arthur has pulled the sword from the stone and is ready to be crowned king. As such, Arthur must write new laws of the land (expository), settle a dispute about the kingdom's seal (persuasive), and craft the Royal Stories (narrative). Terrified that he will fail at his first royal duties, Arthur turns to his teacher and mentor for help. Merlin sends him on a quest to find the Crystal Horn for focus, the Tail Feathers of the Profuse Peacock for elaboration and support, and the Methodical Map of Makesense for organization. Equipped with these magical items and the knowledge that each represents, Arthur successfully begins his reign with the motto: "The pen is mightier than the sword (in the stone)." 
Middle Schools, Reading, Writing
Middle Schools Description: This School assembly is available for middle schools gearing the entertainment and education on students at these grade levels. 6th, 7th, 8th grade. Messages usually are more direct and use celebrities or anchoring techniques to help student remember messages long after attending the assembly.
Grades K-5, Pre-K School
References for A Musical about Writing
“I am so impressed by the professional quality of your performances. Hats off to the sets that continue to amaze me, the terrific scripts, music and lyrics that make us old folks laugh and the young ones learn.” 3rd Grade Teacher, Central School. Lake Bluff, IL

“It is always a pleasure to have Face to Face Productions come into my school because I know that not only will the children be entertained, but they will learn something as well. What a wonderful combination for children.” Principal, Wescott School, Northbrook, IL

“Each year yours is the first program that I book simply because I know the program will be on time, beautifully scripted and choreographed, with inventive sets and very professional actors. Yours is truly a worry free program.” Cultural Arts Chairperson, St Raymond’s School, Mt Prospect, IL
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