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Bubble Wonders/Geoff Akins Hannah

Looking for something NEW and DIFFERENT? Your Search is Over! Students laugh as they learn. Geoff does a whole show with ordinary soap bubbles. It's fun, inspiring, educational and will captivate both children and adults alike. This show is full of amazing bubble tricks including the bubble caterpillar, bubble volcano, electric dancing bubble, the bubble merry-go-round and much more. Equally important is the Bubble Wonder show's theme, 'Anything is Possible!' Throughout the performance there is a running gag where Geoff tries to create a Square Bubble. He fails miserably each time (intentionally, in order to model Persistence) but doesn't give up and by the end of the show successfully figures out a way to make a 'Bubble Cube!' Bubble Wonders features the Positive Music Award-winning theme song, Anything is Possible! The song is written, recorded and performed by Geoff's wife, Jen Hannah. The song is given to each client after the performance so it can be used to reinforce the positive messages from the show! Geoff has been entertaining and educating children for over 25 years. His life-altering experiences as a teacher in Waldorf and Special Education inspired him to create The Bubble Wonders Show. Presenting over 300 times year Hannah travels all over the world as an author, speaker and edu-tainer. The Bubble Wonders Show broke all previous attendance records at science museums in both Hong Kong and Israel. Here at home you may have seen him on ABC, CBS, NBC or on Comcast Cable Television. Clients include Google, IBM, Toyota, Macys, Allstate, Whole Foods and the National Geographic Channel. Geoff is the co-author of the self help #1 best seller, Empowered: Wake Up and Live the Life You Love! His story is also featured in both GPS For Success and the bubble book-kit, The Art and Science of Bubbles! Geoff continues to be inspired by educators who advocate a Whole Child approach with an emphasis on Body, Mind and Spirit. His love of teaching and performing, combined with his gentle nature and gift of rapport with children, form a personal philosophy he calls, The Art of Wonder. 
Clowns, Comedy, Juggling
Clowns Description: This School assembly includes clowns. Clowns are comical performers that effectively can communicate to students with simple and silly fun. Often tricks and surprises wow students and create impactful relationships.
Grades K-5
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