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Mike Vondruska

3 Program Styles to Choose From - 1. PASSPROT to Everyday Adventures - An Entertaining & Motivational 45 Minute Assembly Presentation By combining his expertise in using comedy, unicycling, juggling, and his knack for engaging audience involvement, Mike Vondruska encourages young peple to create their own "Passport" in striving to make everyday a positive adventure despite the unforeseen challenges that may arise. Mike gives them ideas on how to be pro-actrive in making good decisions on an everyday basis, especially when it comes to respecting and helping others. 2. Student Participation Workshops (1-3 days of hands-on classes) Every students will learn age appropriate juggling skills as a teaching tool for demonstrationg the important value of being persistent and of the positive roll mistakes play in the creation of a successful outcome. Since 1978, Mike has taught over 22,000 juggling workshop classes in schools and other places of learning. 3. Family Juggling Night Event (60-90 minutes) It's an evening of parents and their children having fun playing, interacting, and learning together. The family that juggles together, snuggles together! 
Motivational, Visual Arts
Motivational Description: This school assembly is motivational based helping students get motivated to do more, be better, live life to the fullest, being thankful and experience life from a place of graditude Your students will leave this school assembly energized and motivated to become better students.
Grades K-5, Pre-K School
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