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TAPIT/new works

The Food Connection blends comedy, music and dance to help young audiences discover the links between food, health and having fun. This 45-minute musical adventure for young audiences is full of action, humor and nutritional content. The Food Connection takes place in Iconland, where symbols live, and where the evil Dr. Smush and his sidekick, Additive, are plotting to take over the Food Plate. Fortunately for everyone's health, our two valiant vegetables save the day, with help from the Titanium Cook, the Liberated Lunch Lady and rockin' tunes lie "Vegetables Can Save the World." A production of TAPIT/new works Ensemble Theater, features an original score, eye-popping sets fanciful costumes and the company's award winning producing artistic directors, playing six characters. 
Comedy, Health & Wellness
Comedy Description:
Grades K-5
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