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Marimbamania! - a unique, informative, and entertaining presentation of music and marimbas from around the world, has been a hit with children for years. While dressed in a full costume for each culture presented, Marimbaman David Hall performs musical selections from South America, Mexico, Africa, Japan, Germany, and the USA on authentic marimbas and xylophones from around the world. Students are continually engaged with singing, dancing, drumming, rhythmic clapping, and a Q&A session. Marimbamania! is a fun-filled, visually stimulating, and exciting 50 minutes of top quality music and relevant information for K-6 aged children. Goals for Marimbamania!- -Broaden students awareness of other cultures and Global musical styles -Relate musical language, form, and the discipline of the marimba to school topics -Inspire students to play a musical instrument and enjoy a variety of music -Provide a completely new experience for the audience while making music together! The children were captivated by the amazing instruments and his energy and enthusiasm. We highly recommend this show! Forest Hills Public Schools, MI Winner of the 1998 LHS International Marimba Competition, marimbaman David Hall has enjoyed sharing his passion and joy of performance with audiences of all ages for over 20 years. He has toured Taiwan, Germany, and Guatemala as marimba soloist and continues to perform numerous educational programs throughout the Midwest. In my 20 years as teacher and administrator, this was one of the best assemblies Ive ever seen! Principal, St. Francis School, KY 
Music Description: Music related school assemblies are always a hit with schools. music is one of the best ways to intensify emotions and rally or bring together people. School love music assemblies that create participation, clapping or even learning instruments.
Grades 6-8
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