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Organic Arts

The artists of Organic Arts Ltd., a 501c3 educational non-profit located in Milwaukee, WI, have served schools and educational organizations with grassroots professional arts educational experiences for over 20 years each. These are the very artists who have dedicated their lives and careers to bringing assembly programs, workshops, in-services, and residences to schools throughout the Midwest presenting literally thousands of hand-on events. Organic Arts Ltd. was created as a co-operative of some of the states most prolific performing artists to address unique approaches to fundraising, planning, and delivery of the arts from the old masters to our children. Our current artists include: *David HB Drakes Wiscon-Sing or, Heartland, multimedia musical histories of Wisconsin or Illinois, "What a Wonderful World (ecology) "Kidstuff" (little kid singalongs), programs on the Great Lakes and workshops on history and peacemaking. * Dr. Sky Schultz as "Professor Oops" presenting Science Experiences for Earth Day, Genius lessons or any scientific focus * Jean-Andrew "Storylore" telling tales from around the world for Ethnic Studies * Wildflowers Plant Lore Stories to help us grow * Dangerous Folks Songs that Changed America * Lybra with Linda a Poul Sandersen presenting the best of Bluegrass * Michael Drake as "Mr. Pickles" - book author, jazz musician, composer and poet. Information at 
Literature, Reading, Writing
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Grades K-5, Pre-K School
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"Knows more folk songs than a Public TV Pledge Drive" "David delights in straightforward songs played well and sincerely. May there continue to be a place for his type in this troubled and troubling world." - Shepherd Express, Milwaukee

"David HB Drake is a bright ray of sunlight. His special brand of down - home showmanship demonstrated that one man with a handful of musical instruments and an attitude can still hold an audience in this electronic age" "David's simple but catchy songs make him a natural teacher." - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

" ... like that favorite old sweater, David HB Drake may not be the flashiest or most stylish on the scene, but listening to him on SECRET GARDEN is a very pleasant and comfortable experience." " ... a promising composition debut from a well-traveled troubadour." - SING OUT! The Folk Song Magazine
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