We are in the process of contacting Organic Arts until we get approval to share more details about their school assembly with a Literature message , visit their website at:

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What others say about Organic Arts

"Knows more folk songs than a Public TV Pledge Drive" "David delights in straightforward songs played well and sincerely. May there continue to be a place for his type in this troubled and troubling world." - Shepherd Express, Milwaukee

"David HB Drake is a bright ray of sunlight. His special brand of down - home showmanship demonstrated that one man with a handful of musical instruments and an attitude can still hold an audience in this electronic age" "David's simple but catchy songs make him a natural teacher." - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

" ... like that favorite old sweater, David HB Drake may not be the flashiest or most stylish on the scene, but listening to him on SECRET GARDEN is a very pleasant and comfortable experience." " ... a promising composition debut from a well-traveled troubadour." - SING OUT! The Folk Song Magazine