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Balster Magic Productions

Tim and Robin Balster present shows that are nonstop quality entertainment. Each of their artistic productions feature an awesome display of magic, illusion, audience participation and comedy, skillfully woven together with music, special effects and dance, to create an incredible performance experience. An experience that will sweep any audience into a world of wonder! Their light upbeat style and fun approach to their presentations are what make this duo in demand from coast to coast and abroad. They bring over 20 years of professional experience to each performance and have presented over 4000 programs in 40 states. "What raises this show above most such productions is an array of lightning - fast Transformations and lot's of audience participation" Laurel Graeber, The New York Times The Balsters offer numerous programs to fit your needs. The Wizard's Apprentice - Both a play and a magic show with an educational and inspirational message about reading skills. The Duck Soup Magic show - A incredible fun filled family magic show for anytime or anywhere. Seasons Greetings - A festive Holiday themed show that includes a message about respect. Kidbucks Game Show - An action based, audience interactive game show with lots of fun surprises and prizes. The Wizard's Apprentice This is a production that meets the needs of cultural arts, education and entertainment programming all in one show! As the story unfolds, apprentice Harriet Peabody, learns much more than feats of magic and wizardry. As she is guided by Willard the Wizard of Wisdom, she discovers that the greatest secret to magic and life is developing good reading skills. Aided by the Dewey Decimal system, a magical bookmark and a bit of historical knowledge, Harriet triumphs over the naughty wizard Lotar. Astounding feats of magic such as the Broom Suspension enthrall and excite all ages in this colorful and fast paced whirlwind of wizardry! This show is presented in two formats. A 45 minute version for schools, libraries and other mid-size venues. An expanded one hour theatrical version is available for theaters and performance arts centers. To enhance our visit to your school, we provide an 18 page study guide with curriculum connections in: Library skills, History and Communication. The guide features fun and learning activities for grade levels K-8. Please visit our comprehensive web site for this show Duck Soup Magic Show A dazzling display of prestidigitation! This fun and amazing production is targeted for young and family audiences. The show opens with a colorful, fast paced opening routine performed to music. In just moments an abundance of magic with silk scarves, cards, ribbons and live doves captivates the audience and holds thier attention. Next, the excitement and fun build as Tim selects members of the audience to come on-stage and help create the magic. The volunteers find themselves in hilarious situations with lots of surprises and nonsense. Tim always manages to bring out the most of a child's personality drawing upon there natural reactions to the situation and their sense of wonder, surprise and emotion. An audience participation favorite is "Duck Soup" a hilarious trick with a lesson about following instructions. Things really get amazing when one or more of the large-scale illusions is presented such as the "Broomstick Suspension," an amazing defiance of gravity or the "Metamorphosis," Houdini's famous mysterious masterpiece. Incredible magic, music, movement, comedy, audience participation, live animals and special effects are skillfully woven together into an experience that will blow your mind and tickle your funny bone! This show is presented in two formats. A 45 minute version for schools, libraries and other mid-size venues and an expanded one hour theatrical version is available for theaters and performance arts centers. Season's Greetings Celebrate the world's seasonal holidays with this festive program, featuring a magic elf, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, upbeat music, toy soldiers, and magically appearing Snow white doves- all set in a winter wonderland. In this production, Tim helps a mischievous elf learn the importance of respecting the property, feelings and beliefs of others. Audience participation is a key element in the success of this exciting program. The comedic situations that Tim and the Elf create along with members of the audience, make even the Grinch burst into laughter as the holiday themed tricks unfold. Magical moments are created to captivate every age range of the audience - from infant to elder, there is something for everyone! This show is presented in two formats. A 45 minute version for schools, libraries and other mid-size venues. An expanded one hour theatrical version is available for theaters and performance arts centers. Kidbucks Game Show Kidbucks game show is a thrilling game show where randomly selected members of the audience, participate in wild and crazy games. Unlike many "trivia based" game shows where contestants ring a bell and answer a question, Kidbucks is an "action" based game in which the contestants are competing in challenging and entertaining games of a physical nature. The final winner is the Grand champion and spends 30 seconds inside the kidbucks wind chamber. The chamber is a plexiglass box in which a large fan circulates "Kidbucks". As the bucks swirl about the chamber the contestant grabs as many as he or she can. The bucks are tallied and redeemed for a prize based on how many bucks are collected. Please visit our websites for more information: and 
Magic Description: Magic show School assemblies usually combine comedy, magic, music, audience participation with defying illusions that will wow any grade level. Magic has been around since the beginning of time and will never get old.
Grades K-5, Pre-K School
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We had a blast this Morning at the WGN Morning News. We presented a segment on behalf of The Showmen's League of May 15, 2018

Don's Miss out on the Party! Tim will be performing strolling close-up magic at the awesome event from 6:00 - 8:3… June 20, 2018

“ Not only did our company associates enjoy it, but we’ve never had as many outstanding comments from our customers. This was the 15th anniversary of our outing and you truly helped us make it a special occasion.” “Personally, I am always amazed by magic acts, but to have the opportunity to sit a few feet from the performance and still not figure it out is truly amazing.” Gary Prester Director of Sales and Purchasing
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