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Smarty Pants

The Mousetrap Machine Show is a science assembly program that teaches elementary school students about how five simple machines work. Using over a dozen student volunteers, simple machines are first demonstrated separately, then combined together to form more complex machines. At the show's close, all the machine components combine to form an amazing Mousetrap Machine that really works to catch a runaway mouse! This science assembly fits directly into the Illinois Learning Standards for Science and compliments what the students in grades 3 & 4 are learning in the classroom! The show is suited for grades K-6. We perform at over 200 schools every year. Our available dates book up quickly! 
Science, Visual Arts
Science Description: This school assembly encourages student to engage in science. Science helps students engage in testing ad theory that help build tangible conclusions or solve vital problems that can be life changing.
Grades K-5, Pre-K School
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