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Anti Bullying

Anti Bullying

Cary Trivanovich School Assembly Programs

Cary Trivanovich presents an extremely funny, world-class pantomime performance and a message to foster character values. Cary has been America's leading assembly program on bullying for 30 years. Cary's website,, has videos, detailed information and an abundance of references.  
Anti Bullying, Character Building
Anti Bullying Description: This program includes messages related to Anti-Bullying or Cyber Bullying during the school assembly the performers will educate your students on why bully's bully and understand how to combat against it and convince them to not take actions that would hurt themselves and save lives.
Grades 6-8, Grades K-5, Pre-K School
Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah
References for Cary Trivanovich School Assembly Programs
Jim Christensen Former school principal Jim was principal at four different schools over a two decade span, and had booked Cary at each. Coincidentally one of the schools was where Cary's children attended.

Robert Manning Professional live theatre director. ? Robert is a close friend of Cary since the outset of his career, has coached him, and knows his work better than anyone.

Martin J. Eaton, PhD Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Well Street Psychological Group, Inc. Dr. Eaton has known Cary for 25 years and has shared the stage with Cary in parent and educators forums on Bullying.
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