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Geddy the Gecko

As a former pro sports mascot actor, I am used to performing for all ages. My mission is to entertain all ages and leave noone unhappy at the end of the show, while teaching solid lessons about bullies, character traits, self esteem, protecting the earth, etc. I always give every show heavy multicultural content, no matter which of the 15 different topics is the featured topic. 
Animals, Anti-Violence, Character Building, Red Ribbon Week
Animals Description: This school assembly includes education and possibly interaction with animals. Our planet inhabited with millions of beautiful animals and the more we learn about them the more we can learn about ourselves.
Grades K-5, Pre-K School
References for Geddy the Gecko
egarding John Mallory: I have worked with him for a couple years now and he is great! He is very reliable and the children love him. I have never heard a negative thing about any performance that he has done for my company. Susan Weirling, After School Programs, Inc

"I highly recommend John Mallory to come out to your school to involve the students in the Geddy the Gecko assembly. The students loved him. He did conform to all of the County Public Schools requirements in order to come to the schools." Vicki Cammarano, Coral Springs Elementary School"

He was so well received, and the students enjoyed his show very much. He conforms to School District policy, and has a good rapport with children. Not only did he perform for our afterschool program, but our Fine Arts Team saw his show and was very impressed and had him perform for Fine Arts Day. Enjoy the show!" Jane Walters SACC Director, Whispering Pines Elementary School"
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Photo#1 Geddy the Gecko
Photo#2 Geddy the Gecko
Photo#3 Geddy the Gecko
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