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Anti Bullying

Anti Bullying

The Bully Game

THE BULLY GAME is a super fun, nonstop, action packed, high energy Elementary School assembly designed to prevent bullying, repel peer pressure and improve the overall school experience. And best of all, ITS TRULY A GAME SHOW. Your students are the contestants, the entire audience is involved and everyone learns valuable lessons about preventing bullying. The Bully Game is the #1 Bully Prevention Elementary School Assembly in all of Southern California! Through magic, music and a bit of insanity, your students will learn... The difference between friendly Teasing and not-so-friendly Taunting How gossip works and why it's such a monster When's a good time to "Tell" and when it's simply "Tattling" How to be a good "Witness" (not just a bystander)and... How we can all work together to prevent this problem! Comes with all the Teacher Follow-Up material and my own 100% iron clad money back guarantee. If you, your students, your staff or your principal are not thrilled with the assembly, then Ill refund your entire fee, no questions asked. Contact John Now! 
Anti Bullying
Anti Bullying Description: This program includes messages related to Anti-Bullying or Cyber Bullying during the school assembly the performers will educate your students on why bully's bully and understand how to combat against it and convince them to not take actions that would hurt themselves and save lives.
Grades 6-8
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